106. Brain Games

Those of you who have kept up with the Rollercoaster Facebook page will know that things have been quite sad in the Melanoma community over the last week or so.

It sounds ridiculous – but deaths come in waves. There Read the rest

105. Out of the Loop….

I’ve been sitting on this virtual fence for almost 2 months now.

I felt I couldn’t just write a blog to you to say…hey I’ve been busy with work…or had a head wobble over being unwell over Christmas ..I mean Read the rest

Acronyms, Connections & Snow

Iimg_20161125_230243 have just arrived home after a wonderful, intense weekend in Sweden. I say in Sweden – but really I didn’t see anything of Stockholm other than the welcoming airport, I didn’t do the tourist thing…I just travelled to a Read the rest

103 : ESMO & Melanoma

img_20161011_121511The media have a lot to answer for when it comes to mismanaging patients hopes and expectations. If you had been diagnosed last year with Melanoma, you might well have been full of buoyant hope & expectation. The hope is Read the rest

102. ESMO 2016

Its 7am Copenhagen time…despite the early hour & the fact that my housemates from MPNE are all still sleeping I am awake. I have already had my shower (we are in a shared AirB&B apartment with only 1 bathroom so Read the rest

101. Joining the Dots…

My absence and lack of recent blog post has purely been a positive distraction. I have this great new job where I can connect the dots – where before I could never mention “Cancer” at work, where none of my Read the rest

100. Bum Surgery & Work

You know when you “know” that the title of the blog post on its own will make people read it! …Ha!

Regular readers will know that it isn’t just Melanoma that I face. Way back to almost 3 years ago Read the rest

99. Vitamin D, Teeth & Birthdays!

There is this thing that happens to a Melanoma Patient….even those who were sun-worshippers or sunbed users in their life pre-monster invasion. It almost always happens within a few months of their diagnosis. Fear of the sun. For some it Read the rest

98. Conference

I know the conference was over a week ago….I’m sorry!

There aren’t really any excuses – other than I’ve been busy with this huge raft of “post event” jobs that seem to still be ongoing…but you don’t want to hear Read the rest

97. Cancerversary No 3 !!

IMG_2774The BBC have just been here filming an interview with me that will go out tomorrow on BBC local news & Points West in the evening. They are doing a pre event push to tell other patients locally that the … Read the rest