13. Operation SLNB


IMAG0334I was going to say something really impressive – like – “ I have a confession….it has been 3 days since I last straightened my hair & put on a face of make-up”….but you see, I WAS that girl Read the rest

12. Wednesday & the SLNB

On Wednesday this week (25th September) I will be having surgery.
First things first I have these lovely things to prepare myself for surgery with.IMAG0326 One is a Nasal cream that I have to apply to the inside of my Read the rest

11. Light in the Tunnel

Well it has been a long & frankly emotional week or two.
We started with feeling angry, frustrated and generally pretty low – the little people were starting to pick up on the vibes & The Mr took matters into Read the rest

10. Twist in the Rollercoaster

It was inevitable – this rollercoaster ride wasn’t going to be easy.
We hit the first hurdle.
All buoyant about the Trial & our meeting with Val Macauly we start to focus on the Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy. I decide Read the rest

9. Enquiries & Trial Discussions

I have to confess that after that wonderful meeting with the Oncologist, The Mr & I had pretty much excluded the option of the Trial – not because we didn’t want to do a trial – but because the Oncologist Read the rest

8. The Oncologist

First can I say I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever be writing a blog post about a visit to an Oncologist to discuss me.
On Monday The Mr & I nervously head towards the appointment booked Read the rest

7. Leg Infection & Birthday!

After much debate at work my boss agrees that I can work from home the week after my re excision of my leg. This will give my leg a fighting chance of recovering & I seeing as I can easily Read the rest

6. Mole Mapping

My Leg infection has by now started to make my leg look a bit manky – and the small scar has started to weep so I have it covered up with a bandage. I don’t see the point in going Read the rest

5. Leg, France & Leg again!

Backtracking slightly – when I met with the Dermatolist Nurse Daisy on the Tuesday & had my back operated on she looked at a mole I had on my leg that was quite large “we need to take that off” Read the rest

4. The CT Scan

So it is evident that I need a CT Scan….& we have been informed they definitely want to do one & an appointment will be posted out to me.
We have been online – we have started to look at Read the rest