27. Optimism & Neon

The first of the three scheduled 2014 appointments was last week.
I went slightly unsure and apprehensive;…I didn’t know what the appointment was for. The letter said an appointment with Professor Middleton’s Melanoma Clinic….but what did that mean. Was I Read the rest

26. Winter Skin

It’s the middle of January….it hasn’t stopped raining for weeks (minor exaggeration)….add to that the fact that it has just started to get cold. Layers are recommended ; warmth, snuggles with little people under blankets…..oh but wait….all these layers means Read the rest

25. New Year New Me!

Sounds dramatic….needs music…da da dahhhhhh!!!!!!!
(did you do it!!)
The message is clear, I am starting 2014 with a positive mental attitude.
familchristmasI have had a lovely Christmas break with my family, completed by a fantastic New Years Eve.
Last Read the rest