110. My 4th Cancerversary!!!

It’s late in the day, I have been out with my special people all day, arrived home, switched on both my work & conference laptops to sort out a few things & have finally sat on the sofa with a cup of tea!

It’s half past 11 ish – roughly 4 years, 12 hours & 15 minutes after I was told I had Melanoma. I am counting!!!

I won’t bother to re-tell the details – the links are to the left for anyone who wants to go back & read my experiences from the beginning. I just couldn’t let the day go by without celebrating it & sharing my joy with you!

I will say is that that in reaching 4 years NED I have met another milestone…another Cancerversary!. Another year has passed without my Melanoma progressing.  4 years of watching & waiting & anxiety but more importantly,  4 years with my family that I had feared I wouldn’t get – or more that I wouldn’t get it without medical intervention.

Melanoma remains the monster, but Melanoma has also brought me new friends, inspiration, professional & personal challenges that I enjoy & a whole lot of hope.

This might go down as the shortest blog post I have ever done because I am going to stop there.

I have an early start with a work meeting tomorrow the other side of the country & then I have a 4 days of insanity & madness as I get ready for the 2nd UK Melanoma Patient Conference next Friday & Saturday!