35. Conference

This weekend I joined over 90 other like-minded people at the Melanoma Patient Network Conference in Brussels. Amongst us were politicians, representatives from drug companies, members of organisations like EMA & NICE, oncologists and patients.
We came from all over … Read the rest

34. Learning a Lesson

I have learnt a very valuable lesson this week. I am not – contrary to my delusions – a superhero. I can & unfortunately do feel pain.
I had an appointment at the Churchill Hospital yesterday to get 2 suspicious … Read the rest

33. Dig, Dig, Dig

When I first found out that I had Melanoma I wanted to do as much as I possibly could to help my cells become strong – to give them a chance to fight Cancer cells when they appear.
I did … Read the rest

32. March Scarch

As you can tell March is turning out to be quite a busy month for me…
You know about my involvement in the campaign video for the new charity It Takes Seven.
The others in the Video are Jane, a … Read the rest

31. It’s a Bum Joke!

I had another busy day this week…Thursday to be precise.
The Mr was busy working so I hopped in Figgy & drove up to John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford….a lovely hospital with horrendous parking issues – be warned!
I had Read the rest