39. Spring Runs & “Press”

I love the Spring.
Flowers everywhere and an abundance of what the Little people & I call “God’s litter”…the pretty dusting all over the ground of the flower petals that fall off the trees!
Spring signifies hope…new beginnings…the sunshine appears … Read the rest

38. Running Challenge!

Do you remember all those times I have mentioned that I joined a running club?
It start as my best friends idea…get fit & tone up. She is such a supporter of mine & knows how important oxygenating my cells Read the rest

37. Mole Madness!

20140408_190300My mum is over visiting for a few days…my parents live in France along with my younger brother & his partner who is due to give birth any day now. (which I am very excited about!)
My parents experience the Read the rest

36. Colonoscopy & Research

Tuesday April 1st was the scheduled date for my repeat Colonoscopy.
If you remember from my previous Colonoscopy back in November last year the Gastroenterologist Dr Simon Leedham (aka The Bum Doc) found 2 large flat lesions that were too … Read the rest