22. Limbo Land & Bump!

I decided I wasn’t going to do another blog post until I “knew” what was going on with me, with the trial, with everything Melanoma / Cancer in general.
I have been in a constant state of stress & limbo, Read the rest

21. Invasion Day!

IMAG0449Friday 15th was a great day for so many people…especially the little people celebrating Children in Need with school. Up early and face painting done they bounced down to school.
I wasn’t bouncing having not eaten since Wednesday evening & Read the rest

20. Bottom Line Tests!

There are a few final tests required before I can commence with the trial…these are what they call the base line tests. They will then be repeated (some quite frequently) over the course of the year long trial & afterwards, Read the rest

19. What Trial & Why

Malignant Melamona is in many ways a rare cancer. It is on the increase –a  rapid increase unfortunately. But when I refer to it as “rare” I simply mean that in comparison to something like Breast Cancer or Prostate Cancer … Read the rest

18. Blood & Gore!

That storm of the century didn’t affect us too badly in Gloucestershire – but the rain hammered down causing a few floods & fallen trees to avoid on my route to Oxford on Monday for the CT scan.
I was … Read the rest