57. Genetics, Vampires, The Surgeon & Postman Pat

Typically mad, entertaining, headless chicken type of day.
Up at crazy O’clock for my Oxford Skin check day which means…..well you know…the usual preen followed by matching undies….extra tough this morning considering I am recovering from an evil cold…shaving ones Read the rest

56. Aerobathon…Owch!

IMG_2627There are things that you agree to in life for charity that seem a little crazy…a little out there….a little mad…..and there is a reason they seem that way.
They are.
I had agreed to take part in a local Read the rest

55. Praise…..and….Gerbils!!

One day…maybe not too far away a patient diagnosed with Melanoma will be able to know in full certainty, that no matter what hospital they are treated at across England (or even better across Europe) they will get the same Read the rest

54. Soaring Rates

I am not sure if you live on another planet…if you do you won’t have seen the news yesterday, listened to the radio, seen the Twitter or Facebook feeds full of news articles and discussions about alarming statistics that Skin Read the rest