50. Scanxiety

131Today I had a CT Scan…officially my “annual” scan – although frequency of scans does differ across trusts.
I have had 2 scans already so this isn’t a first for me….the first just after diagnosis…which was excruciatingly painful….they shouldn’t be.Read the rest

49. Pride & Plans aplenty!

Earlier this year, as many of the regular readers know, I went to London to the British Skin Foundation offices to help create a video for the launch of the new Charity It Takes 7.
It was an amazing afternoon….and Read the rest

48. Serrated Polyposis Syndrome

In 1 way…only 1…I am thankful for Melanoma.
Because of Melanoma I attempted to get onto a clinical trial. The process of getting onto the trial were months of invasive tests. One was a Colonoscopy…my first Colonoscopy in November 2013.Read the rest