43. Suncream Choices

IMG_2375The weather has been warming up a little & Melanoma paranoia head has gone on….how much sun is ok….what sun cream lotion to apply! Several people have tried to attribute a link between the increase of Skin Cancer & the Read the rest

42. Staging Guide

I have been a little…oh ok…a lot floored this last week or so.
I had found myself in a happy place…I eat the right foods (Superfoods don’t you know!)….I drink my green tea…I exercise which oxygenates the cells in my … Read the rest

41. Sun & Children

When the Little People were even smaller they went to a nursery school. This was “PM”…pre Melanoma….before my world turned into a mini cyclone. Even then though, I was “sun-conscious”. I covered up their baby skin, covered them in sun Read the rest

40.The Point from the Press

IMG_2369Having local news stories come out a similar time to the national press coverage was purely coincidental.
Local coverage has been excellent for generating interest in the 10K charity run I am doing with 5 friends to raise money to … Read the rest