108. Empty house = Productive me!

My wonderful little people have been away all week.

I have had countless messages advising (encouraging) me to take full advantage of the spare time. Go to the cinema. Go out for a meal or two with The Mr. Go out with my best friends to a Gin night at a local pub. Drink LOTS of wine. There is a theme…can you tell?!

I have spent my working hours playing catch up after trips to Brussels & Germany – which involved lovely food & wine so in fairness I was not particularly worried about eating or drinking anything calorific. Sadly, time was spent this week at a family funeral, to say goodbye to a very special man…and that has meant The Mr’s brother has visited from the US – which means without doubt there will be food & alcohol involved in something this weekend!

More than anything I needed to get my house in order so to speak. I don’t mean cleaning – although if a magic fairy could pop over, there are dust bunnies growing on dust bunnies & we all know how bunnies breed!

I’ve been learning a few lessons in the last couple of weeks. Mostly about time management. In particular after “forgetting” both mine & the little people’s dentist’s appointments (and a few other classic ditzy moments) I have been learning that having 3 calendars for different parts of my life isn’t practical. Running around in circles feeling I am always ten steps behind where I need to be. Hopping off a conference call at 6pm to discover I have completely missed the start of a Little person’s swimming lesson – or better still, that I forgot to go shopping & there isn’t anything “acceptable” for dinner!

However, this week I have had evenings free. It’s been both traumatic & liberating!

The Mr was relegated to the far end of the front room book in hand. His only responsibility has been to supply bountiful amounts of caffeine in quick-fire succession. And low & behold I achieved some serious catching up!

So whilst I very much missed my little people & am literally counting the hours until the coach brings them back home, I have ticked off at least 12 items from my overdue “to do list”.

The most important of which was to update the Melanoma Patient Conference website with the new program for the 2017 event & officially open registrations.

So the same rules as last year apply.

Patients, Carers, Medical Professionals & those involved in Melanoma related work can apply to attend. The conference this year is split over 2 days = Friday 16th & Saturday 17th June. The Venue is St John’s Hotel in Birmingham. There is no Delegate or registration fee – to anyone that offered a place. Every stakeholder that will be there will be there on equal footing. Accommodation will be provided for the Friday night & a discounted rate is available for those who need or want to stay longer.

Travel grants will hopefully be available this year again (I still have work to do with sponsorship) – Onsite parking is free.

Last year was so unbelievably magical for all of us that attended & the medical professionals that spoke were enthusiastic & very keen to be involved again if possible. This event is already making a tangible different – some of the hospitals that sent representatives last year have already implemented changes as a direct result of things we discussed.

We are making a difference. Please apply. Please share.