116. Melanoma me too!

I’m just back from Brussels & this year’s MPNE (Melanoma Patient Network Europe) annual conference. Well…I say I’m back…what I mean is physically I’m home. I’m somewhat ridiculously emotional & I am more than a little bit exhausted!
The conference … Read the rest

114. War on Cancer?

Regular readers will know that after something of a nudge I was offered (perhaps here read coerced into being offered) a place to attend the War on Cancer event in London run by The Economist. It was the last in … Read the rest

113. Blinker’s on – or off?

Many regular readers know that I am a member of a couple of online support groups. Safe, closed groups where patients (and their loved ones) can share information, find comfort and support during hard times & also happiness or delight … Read the rest

112. IN not OUT

*Post Edited see footnote at bottom of page*

Life is full of choices…granted some things like being diagnosed with Melanoma weren’t so much choice as having this monster thrust upon me & being advised that I must live with it … Read the rest

111. #MPCUK2017

In so many ways, I cannot believe that it has been a year since the first UK Melanoma Patient Conference! It has, and once again, it has been a resounding success! I don’t like bragging & I don’t want to Read the rest

110. My 4th Cancerversary!!!

It’s late in the day, I have been out with my special people all day, arrived home, switched on both my work & conference laptops to sort out a few things & have finally sat on the sofa with a Read the rest

109. May Madness!

I will start with an immediate clarification that this is not a blog post about politics…I mean why bother… Brexit & elections, I think we all know that only those with gold currently lining their wallets will survive anything the … Read the rest

108. Empty house = Productive me!

My wonderful little people have been away all week.

I have had countless messages advising (encouraging) me to take full advantage of the spare time. Go to the cinema. Go out for a meal or two with The Mr. Go Read the rest

107. Whirlwinds & Values

Anyone that follows my posts on Facebook or Twitter will no doubt already know that I have spent the last 3 days in Brussels.

I was there for the annual MPNE (Melanoma Patient Network Europe) meeting – a coming together Read the rest