114. War on Cancer?

Regular readers will know that after something of a nudge I was offered (perhaps here read coerced into being offered) a place to attend the War on Cancer event in London run by The Economist. It was the last in … Read the rest

113. Blinker’s on – or off?

Many regular readers know that I am a member of a couple of online support groups. Safe, closed groups where patients (and their loved ones) can share information, find comfort and support during hard times & also happiness or delight … Read the rest

112. IN not OUT

*Post Edited see footnote at bottom of page*

Life is full of choices…granted some things like being diagnosed with Melanoma weren’t so much choice as having this monster thrust upon me & being advised that I must live with it … Read the rest

111. #MPCUK2017

In so many ways, I cannot believe that it has been a year since the first UK Melanoma Patient Conference! It has, and once again, it has been a resounding success! I don’t like bragging & I don’t want to Read the rest

110. My 4th Cancerversary!!!

It’s late in the day, I have been out with my special people all day, arrived home, switched on both my work & conference laptops to sort out a few things & have finally sat on the sofa with a Read the rest

109. May Madness!

I will start with an immediate clarification that this is not a blog post about politics…I mean why bother… Brexit & elections, I think we all know that only those with gold currently lining their wallets will survive anything the … Read the rest

108. Empty house = Productive me!

My wonderful little people have been away all week.

I have had countless messages advising (encouraging) me to take full advantage of the spare time. Go to the cinema. Go out for a meal or two with The Mr. Go Read the rest

107. Whirlwinds & Values

Anyone that follows my posts on Facebook or Twitter will no doubt already know that I have spent the last 3 days in Brussels.

I was there for the annual MPNE (Melanoma Patient Network Europe) meeting – a coming together Read the rest

106. Brain Games

Those of you who have kept up with the Rollercoaster Facebook page will know that things have been quite sad in the Melanoma community over the last week or so.

It sounds ridiculous – but deaths come in waves. There Read the rest